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The ship is on its way! Order info, and more!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Feb 20, 2023 at 04:40:39 PM

(I closed my browser window and completely lost this update about 3/4 of the way through writing it. I am serene and in control)

Howdy, Delvers!

Quick overview of this update:

  • The cargo ship is en route to Los Angeles, and is expected to arrive March 7th
  • Pre-orders will be closed and locked on February 27th, which is the last chance to get some items at their current price
  • Heartleaf Games are special guests at Texas Furry Fiesta!
  • We recently returned from South Korea, where we attended FurryJOA
  • If you've been reading the PDF, how do you like the book?

It's on the boat!

We've been quiet with big updates for the last couple months! I didn't want to provide any information about the book that I wasn't certain would be accurate. It's been tough to have to disappoint folks with delays, and I didn't want to get on the mic just to say, "False alarm, still waiting!" 

That said... The cargo ship with The Delver's Guide stuff is on its way! All the items are expected to arrive in the Port of Long Beach on March 7th. Once it does, we'll start fulfillment. I'm flying out to the west coast to sign about 2,000 or so Special Edition copies, and help out Fenris Publishing with the domestic mailing.

Here's a video of some of the sixteen pallets of stuff that are on their way:

And here's another one, of the container being loaded onto the truck!

Once things arrive, we'll take some more photos of the big pile of stuff. Lastly, you can actually track the ship's voyage at this link! 

Moving on...

Pre-orders will be closed and locked on Feb. 27th!

If you want to order more items to be shipped with your pledge or pre-order, you've got one week! Some of the items on our Backerkit page will increase in price after initial fulfillment-for example, the Decks and the art book. If you want to save a few bucks and wanted to get the stuff anyway, it might be good to do so now. (It also helps us pay our rent while we finish up fulfillment and get ready for the next campaign, ahaha)

"Hey Slowleaf Games, my address has changed since I made my order!"

Send us an email at, or hop on Discord and shoot us a private message: 

Selius#2564 is handling these questions for us, but you can also PM Cullen#9809!

"Can I get stuff after the fulfillment is finished?"

Yes! Just about everything will be available into the future (with the exception of the recipes kit, as it's a bit difficult to keep in inventory.) I don't want to prey on anyone's fear of missing out. You should only get our stuff if you want to get it! No pressure.

"Backerkit says I have a balance/I haven't paid for shipping yet."

Contact us via email or Discord (or leave a comment on this update) sometime this week. There's still time to figure these things out.

In case you hadn't heard...

We've been invited as special guests to Texas Furry Fiesta from March 16-19!

Heartleaf Games will be at TFF with bells on. We're presenting panels on starting a business (and obvious stuff we wish we'd known) as well as a worldbuilding panel and Q&A. We're also going to be putting on a live show! If you'll be at TFF, please come say hi at our booth, or watch us play a session in the Beast World!

Speaking of conventions...

We just returned from FurryJOA in Seoul, South Korea

We got the chance to talk with furries and TTRPG players in South Korea. We want to thank FurryJOA for inviting us to their convention. If you have the chance, readers, you should definitely try and attend. Seoul was wonderful, and a small but passionate part of both the furry fandom and the TTRPG scene!

Plus our table was rad as hell. Look at the Deck of Delvers cards!

At the Laughing Goblin game store in Seoul, the Korean translation of Leaving Erin is available for purchase. They've even hung it on the wall of the shop!

This was a surreal moment for us.


What's next?

You may have noticed that the TTRPG scene has gone through some... events the last couple of months. We're still working out our future plans, but I want to promise that we're not going anywhere. I have been energized by the response to the PDF release, and I want to give you more of the Beast World and the Dungeon if you're keen to share it with us. Do we keep writing 5e content, or do we branch out? As a thought exercise, I've been filling up whiteboards with draft stuff for a new system. Would you want to see something like that?

planning next campaign got me like

 What would you like to see next? If you've been reading the PDF and have opinions about the book, please hit us up on Discord! I am always around, and I want to hear what stuff resonated with you. It will definitely help me shape where we go! Leave a comment here, send us an email... however you'd like to reach out! I've been told I am "exceedingly available" and asked things like, "why are you always on Discord?"

We're thrilled to be at the last stage of the project, and ready to put the next one together. The next time you hear from us via this channel, we'll have photos of packages ready to be shipped. Thank you for your patience with us as we learn how to do a TTRPG publishing business, and for coming with us so far!

Long live love,


PS: If you want to write adventures in the Beast World and be published in print, you should hop on Discord and look around. That's something we're working on for the short-term, and we've got design guides and submission channels for that. ;) Talk to you soon!

Still waiting on freight... But we have some other news!
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 13, 2022 at 11:50:38 PM

Hey delvers!

We're still waiting on sea freight and customs, like it says in the header. Just wanted to let you know at the start. I promise as soon as stuff hits the docks, we'll flood you with pictures and updates! We are just as eager to see it hit the dock, I promise. (we really want to start the next project...)

In This Update:

  • Deck of Delvers box art preview, title changes. If you ordered just "Deck 1", we'll send you one of the 2 randomly unless you email us (see below)
  • The free PDF codes have been sent. If you still want one, you can still email us at with the subject "I Want to Read The Book!"
  • Midwest FurFest picture!
  • Form-fillable wagon and character sheets are available here. 
  • We're going to do a Q&A stream on Twitch on December 30th at 7 EST. Submit questions here. 

Deck of Delvers

Speaking of updates, I want to share the design of the Deck of Delvers boxes! The decks (which were called "Deck 1 and Deck 2" before now) will look like this:

Two box designs, one with a smiling wolf with a sword, and one with a wolf druid
Powers and Champions!

The two decks are different cards, but there is no defined theme to either of them. We distributed the cards evenly by species, CR, and homeland. (And by "we", I mean "Selius".) 

This is important:

For people who pre-ordered only 1 deck, we will send you one randomly. If you want a specific one, please send us an email at with the subject line "Fulfillment Deck Selection." We can ensure you get the right one if you have a preference.

This helps us out with fulfillment, as the vast majority of selections were for "Deck 1" just because it's got the number 1. But the two are arbitrary!

For those who couldn't afford the PDF,

If you were having money issues and sent us the "I Want to Read The Book!" email at any point, you should have received an email with a code to download it from If you were expecting that email and didn't receive it, or if you want to look at the PDF, you can still send us that email! That offer will be open into the future. :)

It was great to see y'all at Midwest FurFest!

Last weekend we were at MFF in Chicago! Thanks to everyone who came out.

From left: Jesse (our beloved Production Intern), Selius, Cullen, Lexi

We met a lot of readers and got to chat about how things are going! We'll have more news about conventions in 2023 soon, as we get our dealer applications back for the coming year.

Character and Wagon Sheets!

Form-fillable character and wagon sheets are now available for download on our page. You can grab them for free here. 

End of Year Feedback and Q&A Stream!

Finally, we're going to get on stream and answer some reader questions in a couple of weeks. The stream will be on December 30th, at 7 PM EST. If you have questions or comments about the book, the Beast World, or anything else, please submit them here:

 End of 2022 Q&A Stream Question Submission 

Looking forward to seeing y'all in the stream!

As always, thank you all for your support. As soon as we know more about shipping, I'll be in touch! In the meantime, have a good holiday and cherish the people close to you.

Long live love,

Cullen McGuire

ps: get on our discord duh, come bug me about the book and tell me what you liked! ;) 


I am a dope and forgot to link our Twitch channel so that you can, you know, watch the end-of-year stream. It is here: 

Shipping Update. Also, PDF NOW AVAILABLE! Go read the book!
4 months ago – Sat, Nov 26, 2022 at 01:49:28 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Shipping Charges Incoming
5 months ago – Wed, Nov 02, 2022 at 06:23:26 AM

Hello everyone!

In just about 24 hours, we'll begin the process of charging for shipping and taxes/VAT, as well as any unpurchased items in carts. Starting at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST tomorrow (November 2nd), if you have a remaining balance (as is the case for the majority of orders), Backerkit will charge the card you have on file. This will be the card you submitted when filling out your pledge survey or used to purchase a pre-order. Orders with a balance of $0 will not be charged.

If you'd like to check your order, you can use the links below. You'll need to log into your Backerkit account to view and edit your information.

If you run into any issues, please contact us and we'll help sort it out. You can email us at or speak to us on Discord - reach out to Selius#2564 or join our server with the link below (for the most immediate and convenient responses, messaging Selius directly is the way to go).

The upcoming charge will be via Stripe, with the statement descriptor HEARTLEAF GAMES.

New orders are still possible, and will continue to be available even after tomorrow. So if you haven't ordered anything yet, you still can! If you already have an order and want to add anything, simply send us a message and we'll edit your order. 

That's all for now. We'll have another project update out for you all very soon!

Long live love,


Proof Photos, Shipping Info, and Charge Dates! We hurtle EVER CLOSER :D
6 months ago – Tue, Oct 11, 2022 at 10:44:22 PM

Hello Delvers!

We’re here with some news about shipping, print proofs, and other bits. Before we get started, I want to say hi to the Backerkit pre-order folks, because they haven’t been automatically receiving these updates, which we have fixed now, hopefully. You should be getting them in your inbox from now on along with everyone else!

Okay this is a long one. But there’s fun stuff!

In This Update (too long; didn’t read):

  • Print proofs are here! There are pictures of just about all the stuff.
  • The 11x17 Storied Histories League poster is getting bigger, but staying the same price.
  • We’re cutting the price of the GM screen by ten bucks! If you already ordered one as an add-on, we’re giving you a $10 credit on your Backerkit.
  • Your order on Backerkit is open, if you want to order more add-ons or change your shipping address.
  •  There are new items on the store if you want to help cover the shipping shortfall from offering $29 shipping to everyone.
  • We’ll be charging cards on file for tax and shipping on November 2nd.
  • We answer some questions we’ve received on Discord (join the Discord! )

Print proofs are here!

Let’s show off some pictures of all the proofs we’ve been looking over and giving notes on to our print guy.

Regular and special edition Delver's Guide, Art of the Delver's Guide, Deck of Delvers cards, the GM screen, and a map test proof!
Awwwwwww ye

There were a few adjustments necessary, but overall things look stellar.

The book!

Don't mind the lorem ipsum on the back, it's just the print proof! >_>

Fleeks’ special edition design is amazing in debossed gold and blue PU leather. The standard hardcover is also stunning.

Deck of Delvers: Champions & Deck of Delvers: Powers

The cards look fantastic as well! Selius poured himself into the writing work for these, and all of them have a lot of love put into them. If you think you’ll need NPCs for your Beast World game (or even just generally) this is a neat resource to have handy. We wrote dozens of unique NPC stat blocks with their own quirks to make them interesting encounters in their own right. Each of them also has their own plot hook at the bottom, if you’re looking for a place to start a story.

The two Decks of Delvers have a new name! We realized that “Deck of Delvers 1” and “Deck of Delvers 2” weren’t quite right. The decks will be called “Champions” and “Powers”. As before, there’s no specific theme to either of them. Species and homeland are spread pretty evenly across both.

Cloth Map

Click through to see the full, colossal cloth map! Nearly 3 feet wide in production!
The production map will be the whole thing and will have a clean border

We got samples of the cloth map too! The final size of the cloth map is 24” x 34.5” by the way! Bigger than we initially said, but we want to make sure you can read all the little details.


The highest quality materials.

We already showed the plushes, but I want to show them again and it’s my email you can’t stop me

The GM Screen

This is the GM screen! Its price as an add-on has been $40 until today. We were able to get a good enough rate on manufacturing that I want to lower the price. This thing is too cool, and I want as many people to be able to get one as possible.

From today, the GM screen’s price is reduced 25% to $30. If you’ve already ordered it as an add-on, either during the campaign or in pre-orders, I’m going to put a $10 credit on your Backerkit account. You can use it to buy something else, or just use it as a discount to your shipping cost. <3 Thanks for buying it at the higher price!

Speaking of changes…

We got proofs of the posters. I was sad that the Storied Histories League poster was only 11”x17”, because there was some cool detail that was hard to make out. So, we ordered it larger!

The SHL poster is now 18” x 24”. The price hasn’t increased! If you needed it to be 11x17 and want a refund, please send us a message and we’ll get you squared away. I figured most people wouldn’t mind getting a larger poster for the same price, though. ∑:)

Okay let’s talk about this art book.

Lexi has been working herself ragged on this art book. It is filled with concept sketches, design work, and unused illustrations that didn’t make it into The Delver’s Guide. It’s a gorgeous book, and it’s only $20. If you didn’t get it as a stretch goal add-on automatically, you should grab it for your coffee table!

Let’s talk about shipping!

Shipping and tax prices have been configured in Backerkit and applied to all orders. We have not charged backer cards automatically yet. I’m going to let Selius explain because he’s a lot better at this than I am.

You can edit your shipping and card info using the link below! Just click on The Delver's Guide to Beast World and it should give you an overview of your order, including "Edit Shipping Info" and "Update Credit Card" options. This will only work if you have a Backerkit account, though, so if you don't have an account yet, I highly recommend you make one!

If you need to create a Backerkit account, be sure to use the same email address associated with your pledge/pre-order. That way, it will automatically connect your order to your account. Use the link below, and up in the top right is a "Backer Sign up" button - click that!

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any troubles with it, and we can get it resolved!

Here is an important date!

We will automatically charge cards on file for shipping on November 2nd.

If you want to pay your shipping fee before 11/2, you can click a “Charge Card” button at the link above, and it will get your balance all figured.

By the way, for those who ordered add-ons twice and had two separate orders, we merged them (you should have gotten an email from us). That way you don’t have to pay twice for shipping. If there’s some problem with your order items, please send me a message. We can fix it!

that's wild

I made this for the Discord channel a few months back (the graph is the price to send a shipping container from China). Things have gotten better since then, but we’re looking at about a $10,000 shortfall because of our $29 promise. The cost to ship to Australia is in the three-digit range. It was… incorrect to assume that shipping prices would decrease in advance of the book being sent out.

Which is okay! We planned for it, and we’re ready to eat the cost to get the book to everyone who wants it. The max price for shipping is still $29 for any backer rewards. The price should be automatically represented on your Backerkit profile, along with any sales tax and VAT. The only way you’ll have to pay more for shipping is if:

  • You ordered more stuff in add-ons/pre-orders than will fit in the Essential Delver’s Kit box. Most of these folks are people who ordered the second Deck of Delvers in addition. For those, we kept the price to 3-5 bucks more. The most we added on for extra weight was about $10 for international shipments that were very large.
  • You ordered a poster. These ship in a separate parcel (to prevent bending) and also get extra considerations for fulfillment. There’s a flat “Poster Shipping Fee” added to those orders, which doesn’t increase if you ordered more than one. It’ll all come in the same tube!

To very recent pre-order people (in the last month or so):

Thank you! If you paid any shipping fee already, please take a look at your Backerkit profile. You might have a credit, if the shipping price decreased while we were getting the bugs worked.

If you do, you can either use it to buy something else, or just hold onto it. When we go to ship everything out, I will refund all the cards of people who have hanging charges for this purpose. If you want your excess shipping charges refunded sooner, send me a message. We’ll get you squared away either way.

Can I just, like, come get the stuff from the office? Or meet up somewhere?

Yes! You can do local pickup as a shipping option. If you go to your Backerkit order, you can set your address “Country” to “Local Pickup”, and that will let us know you’re going to come get it. We ask you to throw us five bucks to help cover the freight shipping here to the office, but otherwise, that’ll be the maximum. You can grab it from our office here in Buffalo, NY (and get dinner with us if you like!)


We will be at Midwest FurFest December 2-4!

Come and say hi to us, and grab your stuff! We’ll have a great big booth there. I want to meet y’all.

So, why did it take so long to get shipping and Backerkit worked out?

As you may have noticed, it’s about one month after I said we’d be sending out this information. We’ve been working with Brandon at Backerkit (Hi, Brandon!) to enable some beta features in their system and facilitate this shipping cap stuff.

If you want to order more stuff on Backerkit, all of your orders are now reopened. What does this mean? You can make changes like:

  • Shipping address. If your address changed since you completed your survey, follow the link and you can update it.
  • Credit card on file. We need a card to charge for your shipping and tax stuff, otherwise we can’t send you the stuff!
  • Add-on choices. If you want to order extras, that’d help us a lot!

Some folks were asking if there was a way they could “volunteer” more money for their shipping costs to help offset the shipping shortfall. I don’t like the idea of others subsidizing my own shoe-eating, but I do want to open the door for anyone who wants to order more stuff to help offset the cost!

I added a few new items to the Backerkit store. All of the new items have 0 weight in the system, so you won’t be charged any shipping for any of them.

They are:

Some stickers! We have one of the Beast World logo, one of the Big Wagon, and a set of three sheets with some very cool emoji of the BW species done by our pal Citreon. If you order them, we’ll put em in your shipment!

A printed version of the three-session preview adventure, Leaving Erin! This is something a bunch of folks have asked us about. It’s about 45 pages long, and I am still proud of it over a year after finishing it.

To edit your add-ons, use this link here:

Once you access your survey, you'll see an "edit address" or "edit your order" button at the top right. Click on that button!

On the next page, click the "edit addons" link at the bottom left.

As long as you’re logged into your Backerkit account, the follow links should also help you find the place you need to be.

Here are some answers to questions we’ve received on Discord.

Q. What will be available after the pre-orders are sent out?

Almost everything. The only thing we probably won’t restock is the Spice Kit, because it’s a pain to source. So if you want the recipe cards and the spice kit, now’s the time to get them!

Q. How do I update my shipping address/card on file?

Q. How do I join the Discord and hang out with you or ask questions about the book?

This was a strange question to get on Discord. You can join here!

Q. When will cards be charged for shipping/tax?

November 2nd, unless you click the link above and charge it sooner.

Q. What are you doing after the book ships?

Taking a vacation. Then… more. :) We’ll keep you in the loop.

That’s all I’ve got! Thanks again for being patient with us. We’re barreling toward the end now! We are so excited to get this in your hands. All of us have been working pretty much all-day-every-day for the past year or so. We are extremely proud of this. I think it might be something special.

Long live love.